Taylor.Solicitors.Cork_.LitigationWe all get involved in disputes at some stage or other in life. It is inevitable and entirely normal – we are all human. Thankfully most differences of opinion are sorted out on civil terms. But common sense does not always win out when it comes to either business or private matters.At Taylor Solicitors Cork, we have the experience of handling cases, ranging from disagreements over commerical transactions to interpreting your consumer rights. And in a way that makes the best financial sense for you.If a client is properly informed, Eleanora Taylor believes that many cases can be resolved without venturing into a court of law, and through negotiation instead.It is what Taylor Solicitors is renowned for – finding consensus between parties so they can avoid complex and pricey litigation.But if the situation arises where your best interests are in taking your case to court, Eleanora will advise you throughout the whole experience. You can take it as a given that
you will understand totally the choices ahead, and what each step involves.

Bear in mind too, Eleanora Taylor has represented clients, individuals and companies, at every level of the Court system. And she is experienced in meeting the challenges
involved. Her record speaks for itself.

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