Wills and Probate

It is one of those things we are all guilty of putting off: making a Will. The right time never seems to present itself; so we long finger the task of penning the papers that can neatly wrap up our affairs.Like most people, you may wonder when a Will becomes a real consideration. There is no absolute answer but the simplest response to that question is whenever it crosses your mind. Then is the time to act.Parenthood too can be a prompt. It is a point in life when you have to consider the generation you are bringing into the world. But do keep in mind your loved ones’ future can be safeguarded by simply taking legal counsel. Straightforward really.

Call it planning for the future. And consider, if done right, it will provide a certain peace of mind for you – knowing your family and friends will benefit from you having put your ‘house’ in order.

At Taylor Solicitors Cork, Eleanora Taylor can guide you through the territory of Wills and Probate, and answer any questions you might have. Equally she is there to assist you and your family with administering the estate of a loved one, on their passing.

Our comprehensive services are designed to:

  • Give you peace of mind by putting your affairs in order
  • Avoid unnecessary distress for your family and friends
  • Ensure dependants are properly provided for in accordance with your wishes
  • Preserve your wealth

Making a Will – Frequently Asked Questions
Information on the Probate Process
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