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It is all about the money … and so much more!  You’re buying your first home. It might even be ‘home’ Conveyancing Solicitors Corkforever. Who knows? You’ve saved and saved. And you’ve spent more hours than you can tally looking for ‘the’place. But on top of all that commotion, there’s been a slow dawning. You’re not alone. There’s the bank, and there’s also the house and life insurance people to reckon with. And there’s another bunch: the engineers and the valuers. Of course, there’s also a solicitor to throw into the mix.  So, why not choose someone who’ll help you make sense of it all. Someone who’ll watch your back; get the paperwork in order; seal the deal; and not charge you the earth.

Eleanora Taylor – your legal right hand in all this – will be there for you every step of the way. Give her a call and see for yourself the package she’s put together for those in first- time buyer shoes. Here’s what one client said about Taylor Solicitors’ work:

Eleanora Taylor was with me every step of the way when I bought my first house. Through the whole experience, she kept me clued in as to what was happening. And she actually made it easy to understand what was going on. Thanks to Eleanora, I felt comfortable making the important decisions. When it came to selling this property and buying another, I went straight back to her. It was an obvious choice. Eleanora Taylor is an unfussy pro. And great at what she does.  -Ken. Blackrock

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