Employment Law

EmployersAs an employer, you want to ensure that you are in line with legislation. And you certainly do not want to expose your company to litigation, most especially if you can avoid it.Even though the law has become stricter and more complicated on such matters, an employer has no sanctuary in ignorance when a situation arises.Eleanora Taylor advises on how to get it right at the start – what structures you should put in place and how they ought to be checked.

And if something does happen, Eleanora guides you on how best to reach a resolution. Consider these areas and ask yourself if a little mentoring would make a difference.


If you’re just starting a job or leaving your current employment, it makes sense to know both your rights and your obligations when it comes to understanding your contract. You may well be involved in a dispute or perhaps just thinking ahead. Either way, counsel with Eleanora Taylor will equip you with the information to navigate your passage. Eleanora Taylor can tell you where you stand in employment terms, as a matter of course. And it’s from that very vantage point you can make the decisions that are best for you.
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