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Taylor Solicitors Cork: Many people who bought property in Ireland in the last few years may have paid thousands in stamp duty charges, may be paying NPPR charges and are now wondering are they really liable for this most recent property tax especially in situations where the relevant housing estate hasn’t been finished by the builder/developer.

The Household Charge is an annual charge introduced by the Local Government (Household Charge) Act 2011 and is currently set at €100 for 2012. solicitors corkThe owner of a property on the 1st January 2012 (as opposed to the tenant in a property) is responsible for paying this charge and the charge must be paid by the 31st March 2012. It can be paid online at It can also be paid to the applicable City or County Council Office.

There are a number of situations where properties are exempt from the Household Charge.

In addition, property owners can claim a waiver if they are in receipt of mortgage interest supplement or if they are living in one of the many unfinished estates throughout the State.

A national survey of unfinished housing developments was carried out in 2011. A person who, on 1 January 2012, is an owner of a residential property in an unfinished development as set out by the Government is entitled to a waiver from payment of the household charge in 2012. Full details of the these properties can be found at

If you are an owner of one of these properties, you are still obliged to register for the charge, but you are entitled to a waiver for 2012.

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